NECTAR's Film won Best Documentary Award

NECTAR has produced short documentaries to document and showcase its work and projects in the areas of bamboo applications and technologies in order to promote awareness about bamboo products and applications and their role in the social and economic development of the people of the North Eastern Region.

Two of these documentaries were nominated in the category of Best Documentaries at the Noida International Film Festival held on 9 February, 2014 at Noida. The film 'From Tragedy to Triumph' won the best documentary and best photography award. This was made after the cloudburst tragedy in Leh-Ladakh where NMBA in record time constructed 60,000 sq.ft. of housing before the onset of winter.

The second nominated documentary 'Bamboo and Tribes of India' emphasis at the tribal culture and use of bamboo in their livelihood and their sustainable style of living.

Both the NECTAR documentaries were produced by M/s S.R.Films, Lucknow.