About 3D Terrain Model & its Applications

The 3D Digital Terrain Model developed by Mission for Geospatial Applications for use by Paramilitary forces, State Police and Civil Departments, is an integrated product generated based on technology of 3D GIS integration of different scales of Survey of India Maps, high resolution satellite/aerial imagery and digital elevation data which all have a common Geographical coordinate system, helps for all levels of planning & operations showing from house to Global level 3D visualization. The Model is a Digital standalone Product which enables to carrying out 2D & 3D GIS analysis necessary for security forces and Government developmental planners.


  • Planning & execution of counter insurgency operations in the Ops room.
  • Planning Operations for Urban Security & Disaster Management.
  • Execution of Field Operations with Model loaded in ruggedized portable computers.
  • Neighborhood mapping of education and health facilities
  • Planning and Monitoring of transportation facilities like Highway, Rural Roads, and Bridges & Flyovers.
  • Location Planning of Multipurpose Reservoirs and management of water resources.
  • Visualization of flood modeling outputs.

High Resolution 3D Terrain Model visualization

3D analysis: Terrain Profile

Internal Security

NECTAR (erstwhile Mission for Geospatial Applications) has developed state of the art technology by generating 3D Digital Terrain Models for use in both Ops room & field for planning counter insurgence operations and launching field operations by the state police and paramilitary forces of our country. About 70 Terabytes of Digital data in the form of raster maps, High Resolution Imagery & Digital elevation data has been successfully processed within the stipulated time frame and generated 3D Terrain Digital Models of the following geographical extents-

  • All the districts of Chhattisgarh, Jharkhand, Odisha, Assam, Meghalaya, Nagaland, Tripura, Manipur,
  • 16 districts of West Bengal,
  • 14 districts of Bihar,
  • 14 districts of Arunachal Pradesh,
  • 9 districts of Jammu & Kashmir,
  • 7 districts of Madhya Pradesh,
  • 3 districts of Maharashtra.

Highly skilled technical staffs of the Centre imparted training to various paramilitary and state police forces at different locations/stations in India for their successful use of the Model in planning & operation. Officials have taken participation in many such operations with state police officials of Assam and Meghalaya to assist them in using the Terrain models in real time counter insurgency operations.

The 3D analysis like Terrain profile, View shed analysis and Shortest path measurement facility provided in the model become the vital tools for security forces deployed in hilly and jungle terrain for launching operations getting improved situational awareness, Mission Planning and decision making in situ. The model becomes more useful when integrated with external intelligence data from a variety of sources in the form of location coordinates, annotations etc providing layers of tailored information on top of the terrain imagery. Also facilities of vertical and horizontal distance measurement, instant geographical coordinate etc could be used in route planning and provide immense help to mobilize the troops with proper planning and coordination.

Since urban security is also an important part of internal security, Virtual 3D Models of important vulnerable infrastructures can be built on the Terrain Model which can provide 3D analysis for both inside and outside of the building used for security planning and monitoring. The Centre has created 5 out of 23 such 3D Models of important buildings of Kolkata City for Special Task Force, Kolkata and also provided training to few officials on this technology to create the rest of 18 buildings on their capacity.

Urban Security: Airport Security Model

3D model of Victoria Memorial in Kolkata created for Special Task Force of Kolkata Police

Planning & Monitoring of Developmental Activities

Joint Program of 3D GIS Development with the Government of Nagaland

The Centre has assisted for development of a 3D GIS pertaining to complete Nagaland State with integration of information layers like Health Centers, Schools, Road Network, Business & other facilities etc that collected from GPS Survey by the state Government. Joint GIS analysis with the state Government in respect of Land use Change of around Kohima city and planning of new health centers using terrain difficulty level was done for the state planning Department.

Land use Change around Kohima City        Planning of Health Facilities on Difficult Terrain

Planning of Rural Roads under Pradhan Mantri Gramin Sadak Yojana (PMGSY)

A pilot project on planning of Rural Roads for Durgkondal block in kanker districts of Chhatisgarh was carried out for Rural Development Department, Ministry of Rural development, Government of India. The Roads constructed under the above program were visualized on 3D Terrain Model generated using High Resolution satellite image with a specific date and reports generated and compared with official reports of the concerned department in order to validate the work completion. Also few Roads were planned using 3D GIS analysis for future construction with proper alignment.

The benefits of planning and validation of rural roads using 3D Terrain Model as realized in Durgkondal block by the Rural Development Ministry of Government of India and directed the states, to use the technology for planning and validation of constructed roads under PMGSY.

About 9 Districts of Jammu & Kashmir were taken up by the Centre, concerned state Government officials worked with technical staffs of the centre and completed planning & validation of about 812 rural roads running length of around 5000 km in hilly area spanning 53 blocks in those 9 districts. The complete analyses were handed over to the state government for ground implementation.

Rural Roads pertaining to 25 blocks of East Medinapur District also have been validated and planned by the Centre using the 3D Terrain Model for West Bengal State Rural Development Agency, West Bengal. About 59 sheets containing roads on high resolution Image have been plotted and supplied to the Agency for ground implementation.

Planning of Water Resources

About 25 watershed basin areas were generated using Survey of India Elevation 20 meter contour interval data for the State of Meghalaya under the state's "Integrated Basin Development & Livelihood Program (IBDLH)" implemented by State Basin Development Authority. Then all basins were superimposed on 3D Terrain Model and were analyzed for possible location of small and multiple reservoirs based on suitable terrain conditions like topography, locality and ecological impact. About 40 reservoir locations across the state were identified along with attributes like water capacity at different raised heights of the reservoir, list of benefitted habitations etc provided to the state Government for further ground level planning and implementation.

Proposed Reservoir Location near Phawakgiri Village in West Garo District of Meghalaya

Cadastral Mapping of Fatehabad District of Haryana

The Centre was tasked cadastral Mapping of Fatehabad District of Haryana by Department of Land Resources, Ministry of Rural Development, Government of India under National Land Record Modernization Programme (NLRMP). The Mapping project of the district, comprised of 3505 numbers of cadastral maps (Musavis) in scale 1: 4000, spanning over 245 villages, handed over to the state authority. The task had number of major components like scanning, digitization of musavis, linking of Records of Rights (ROR) for each and every land parcels, validation and updation of parcels by state Patwaris and ground truthing using photogrammetry and ground survey techniques. The Centre carried out all the activities except ground truthing using ground survey and photogrammetry technique. All the records were handed over to state authorities.