Flood Modeling

The objective is to provide Real-time flood monitoring and forecast for river gauge data and discharges in the downstream river system where the actual flood event takes place, based on hydrologic and hydrodynamic modelling. Also based on past flood events and high resolution DEMs, inundation maps along with various flood scenarios, Maximum flood extent and floodplain extents can be generated.

Watershed Management of catchments based on rainfall gauge data and satellite grid, analyzing rainfall trends and estimating runoffs for water utilization.


  • 1-D Hydrodynamic modelling of river systems, inclulding data input, model building, calibration for low-flow and high-flow conditions; optimization of models using MIKE 11 and HECRAS
  • Detailed modelling and calibration of parameters for runoff modelling and establishing hydrographs for each catchment using MIKE 11 NAM & UHM models
  • Verifying runoff as well as hydrodynamic model results and interpretation
  • GIS application and mapping, representation of model results on floodplain using Arc GIS (MIKE11 GIS) and ERDAS Imagine


Flood model based on one day forecast was developed on Mahanadi River for Orissa. Backwater effect by raising the height of the Almati dam, on Krishna River was analyzed for Maharashtra Government. Inundation Maps were produced for Tapi River in Gujarat based on UKAI Dam discharge. Watersheds of Meghalaya are being worked upon to estimate the run-off and study the water conservation during the lean season.

3D Visualization of Cuttack City Before & After Inundation on Mahanadi River, Odisha using High Resolution Satellite DEM

Inundation Map showing the Submergence of Sangli City by raising the height of the Almatti Dam on Krishna River of Maharashtra State

Inundation Map of Surat City (Village wise) of the year 2006based upon Ukai Dam Discharge on Tapi River of Gujrat State