Rehabilitating after the Quake in Sikkim - The Green Way

The evening of 18th September, 2011 shocked the entire North East with Sikkim taking the major brunt with an earthquake of magnitude of 6.9 (MW). The catastrophe has taken lives of hundreds, left thousands of people homeless, triggered landslides and damaged many important buildings.

On instructions from the Cabinet Secretariat, NECTAR/NMBA swung into action and mobilized resources to initiate reconstruction work in Sikkim by erecting engineered bamboo based houses/community shelters in earthquake affected areas.

Mission has supported bamboo based pre fabricated structures of size 32ft x 16ft with 4ft verandah at Mangan District at following locations:

  • Hee Gaythang,
  • Kayem Basti, Upper Dzongu
  • Gaur, Lower Dzongu

Bamboo based community shelters have been constructed by NECTAR/NMBA supported unit – M/s A.B.Composites Pvt. Ltd., Kolkatta. Seeing the conditions, these pre- fabricated shelters are installed within 2-3 days and are being hailed as one of the best disaster relief materials. The structures have thermocol puff panels which enable minimum heat transfer and hence provide insulation against outer colder temperature.

The structures will be used to house the victims who are affected by earthquake.

Disaster Relief at Leh after Cloud Burst-An NECTAR/NMBA Initiative in August 2010

In Leh, NECTAR/NMBA has constructed bamboo prefabricated housing structures on 55,000 sq. ft of land left ravaged by the flood after August that now house at least 10,000 people.

Following construction of pre-fabricated bamboo structures for relief shelters at various location at Leh by

M/s APIL Ltd., Kolkata: Total 10 Nos.of prefab structures of sizes : 28'*20'incl. 4'verandah - 8Nos and 48'*20' incl. 4' verandah - 2Nos = 6400 sq.ft erected at:

  • Solar Colony
  • Medical Center, Ney
  • Primary School,Phyang
  • Primary School, Phulung
  • Middle School, Domkhar, Khalsti Block
  • Middle School, Gongma, Khalsti Block
  • Old Age Home, MahaBodhi, Leh
  • Sadbhavana Co-education Hostel, Leh
  • Lions Club Hostel, Leh
  • Middle School, Domkhar, Khalsti Block

M/s A.B. Composite, Kolkata: Total 34 Nos.of prefab structures of sizes: 32 ft x 20 ft =24 Nos ( 15040 sq.ft) and 10 Nos of Community shelters of size 48 ft x 20 ft ( 9600 sq.ft) erected at:

Skurbruchan - 24 Nos
Solar Colony - 2 Nos
Saboo - 2 Nos
Palam ,Spituk - 1 Nos
Phyang ,ImamBara - 1 Nos
Mitsekchulung - 1 Nos
Stakmo - 1 Nos
Meru - 1 Nos
Police Colony - 1 Nos

All the structures completed

M/s Srivari metals P. Ltd., Hosur: Total 100 Nos.of Prefab Structures of size 16ft x 16ft (25600sq. ft.) erected at:

Solar Colony - 24 Nos
Housing Colony - 21 Nos
Phyang , - 30 Nos
Nubra Valley - 16 Nos
Stakmo - 2 Nos
Thickse - 1 Nos
Skurbuchan - 6 Nos

Out of these 94 structures has been erceted and handed over to administration.

Quake Effect - Before NECTAR/NMBA Intervention

Images After NECTAR/NMBA Intervention