High Precision Mapping

The development of the Remotely Piloted Vehicle has been a result of the increasing demands being made on NECTAR to develop solutions for undertaking major projects in the North East. In the first phase of the GIS development, NECTAR had integrated high resolution satellite imagery with Digital Elevation models and raster data. However, given the inaccuracies in the underlying Digital Elevation models, it became necessary to acquire very high resolution & accurate Digital Models for detailed project planning.

So far the Centre has flown 1000 sq. kms for mapping river watersheds in Meghalaya, coastal mapping for premier institutes for Tsunami fore warning system, 3-D city modeling and precision agriculture. Two major challenging tasks for monitoring the Brahmaputra embankments with the Govt. of Assam and road construction projects for NHAI are under discussion.

NECTAR has achieved 5 cm accuracy on the horizontal plain & 10 cm on the vertical.

NECTAR working with young engineers has designed, developed and tested fixed wing and quad copter models. Two versions have been successfully tested and commissioned.

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