SDR projects implemented:

Arunachal Pradesh Police:

Arunachal Pradesh SDR Project

North East Centre for Technology Application and Reach (NECTAR) is working with the Government of Arunachal Pradesh to install a failsafe communication network for the State Police Department. Arunachal is beset with harsh terrain conditions, varying from dense jungles to high mountains ranges. In these difficult conditions, different types of radio equipment have proved unsuccessful. Poor communication network combined with difficulties of movement have been a challenge for governance. In 2011, discussions were initiated by the DGP Arunachal to see if the Software Defined Radios (SDRs) could overcome these problems. Teams of communication experts visited locations & examined viability of switching over to the software defined radios. The Government of Arunachal Pradesh made a case for revamping the communication network to the Ministry of Home Affairs.

NECTAR is now working with the State Government to establish a network of SDRs across the State. Seventy two static SDRs are to be installed in Police Stations, in order to link these with the head quarters. This network will allow voice and data transfer with the HQ as well as between police stations. A State wide network of e-mail has been established to enable data transfer. The interesting feature is that if at the time of data transfer, a station is not operational, the e-mail will be kept in the cloud and will transfer once the station is operational. This also allows for a central broadcast system, in case common orders are to be issued to all communication nodes. These sets transfer photographs error free and in case of any error, will automatically re-transfer the packet without error. Ten vehicle based mobile sets are to be positioned to communicate with the base stations. Ten mobile sets would be similarly capable of providing a technology punch to management of police operations.

The installation of the SDRs was begun in the month of August, with centralized training in Itanagar for the first batch of radio operators. The progress was slow because of heavy rains in the area & difficulties in movement. Despite the difficult conditions during these monsoon months, 25 sets could be operationalized. The remaining sets are now being commissioned by the NECTAR team since the rains have abated.