Guwahati Meshnet for CCTV Surveillance

On the request of the Assam police a demonstrator mesh network was planned in order to showcase the possibility of having a wireless system for CCTV surveillance. Earlier they had, for some areas, established a network which was connected on an exposed cable. There were problems of regular breakdown or issues of vandalism.
Based on the request, mesh networks were established at a number of locations with fixed lens cameras as well as point, tilt and zoom cameras. The average through put in the system is 150- 180 mbps, providing sufficient band width to have streaming data with a clear picture & In the control room streaming data is now being over seen by a team trained by NECTAR with a capacity to point, tilt or zoom the cameras according to their requirements. On the request of the Guwahati police back up has been provided in the control room, along with air conditioning, because large number of equipments have been installed in a small space. This has been handed over to Assam Police. Ample data storage has been provided for control room for revisiting the footage for analysis.
The Assam police has requested NECTAR to prepare a DPR for the city of Guwahati which is to be covered by a surveillance network.

  • Agreement with Government of Assam is proposed to be signed on Flood & Water Management Institute

High Resolution Mapping of Brahmaputra River Assam

The Brahmaputra, one of the most magnificent rivers flows, through Assam causing flood every year. The Government of Assam and the Government of India have invested in flood control measures as well as to prevent further widespread erosion along the banks, which could endanger the habitations. Over 4000 km of embankments have been constructed for flood prevention along the main river and its tributaries. However the problem of large infrastructure investments in construction works, especially those which can be subject to adverse effects of the natural elements, remains of developing a credible monitoring system for its maintenance.Keeping this problem in view, the State Govt. requested NECTAR to do a test pilot with its UAVs over 24 kms of the embankments, covering 50 sqkms in order to acquire 5 cm resolution imagery. After processing the data, the team was able to obtain 10cm horizontal accuracy and 15 cm vertical accuracy. The Govt. of Assam was of the view that the details made available of the embankments & the rapidity of the acquisition of information was an important feature for using this on a large scale for monitoring & planning of flood prevention works. Considering the quality of data emerging from this exercise, the Govt. of Assam proposes to take up rapid assessment of the embankments for their maintenance & up gradation. This exercise would need to cover the main river as well as its tributaries where flood prevention works have been done. It would be optimum to have data acquisition in October, after the monsoon & in March prior to rainy season to ensure its upkeep.

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