Meshnet for CCTV Surveillance in Meghalaya

On the request of Govt. of Meghalaya for a project "Safe, Secure Shillong", an integrated surveillance system was designed and set up in Shillong. The network has been designed with fixed IP cameras as well as PTZ (Point, Tilt and Zoom) cameras.The average throughput provides sufficient bandwidth to have a streaming data with a clear picture.The control room has the capability to focus the PTZ cameras according to their requirement.The system has been designed with a back bone where we are getting a throughput of 400-800 mbps and then branches are taken from these which have a speed of up to 150 mbps. With this surveillance system the Shillong Police has been able to identify 346 cases of law violation, theft and other illegal activities out of which 86 have been solved by getting the offenders apprehended.
On similar lines Tura District of Meghalaya has been provided with the CCTV surveillance system.
In continuation with the surveillance system project (CCTV) for Shillong & Tura, NECTAR decided to explore other possibilities for storage system apart from Network Video Recorders (NVRs) which have its limitations. The objective is to create a surveillance system that uses multiple IP cameras to watch, store and analyse videos at many locations. This system needs to be reasonably fault tolerant, resilient, easily scalable to increase in no. of cameras, and enable video analytics from any location. Additionally, it should also allow for long term archival of all the video seamlessly.
The proposed project should give a major advantage in storage, data backup and analysis since it is a composite system.

High Resolution Mapping of Ganol River Meghalaya

Meghalaya is one of the highest rainfall areas in the world. There are 26 rivers flowing from the Meghalaya hill watersheds into either the river Brahmaputra or towards Bangladesh While these heavy flows cause damage during the monsoon season, there is an acute shortage of water during the remaining months of the year. In large parts of the state farmers grow only crop. Water scarcity has also, to some extent, been one reason for farmers resorting to Jhoom cultivation.With the constitution of the Meghalaya Basin Development Authority, the state government has been focusing on planning for water management, livelihood programmes and skill development. However available data to undertake water management programme in a scientific way has not been possible due to lack of high resolution surface data. Given the thick vegetation it has been difficult to undertake ground surveys. After exploring different options it was decided to use Unmanned Ariel vehicles for developing high resolution Digital Surface models.Aero-2 system designed and developed by NECTAR was used to photograph the Ganol river. The pixil resolution was 5cm. Using a combination of ground control points and UAV imagery, horizontal accuracy of 10 cm and vertical accuracy of 14 cm was achieved. Some of the examples of possible usage may be seen.

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