Bamboo Board Marketing

Bamboo  board marketingNECTAR has supported various bamboo board manufacturing units. However due to absence of marketing & advertisement and high cost (compared to plywood etc.), these units are getting enormous competition from the existing plywood market. To address the problem of marketing, NECTAR has taken an initiative to support the supported units in terms of marketing their various available products in major markets in India. To start with it NECTAR has initiated the marketing in Delhi NCR, Bangalore, Hyderabad.

Bamboo  board marketingThe initial approach taken up is to sensitize major dealers/architects /interior- designers within these cities. NECTAR has been participating in specific Trade fairs focusing on the wood substitutes and disseminating through printed material and samples of different category of boards. Rates of various categories and thickness of bamboo boards have been fixed such that it may be considered at par vis-á-vis existing comparative wood/plywood products in the market. NECTAR is appointing dealers in metro cities having warehouse facilities apart from showcasing and selling the products.

In order to create the ready availability of mats (raw material) on reasonable price,NECTAR is tying up various bamboo mat suppliers who in turn will supply mats to NMBA supported units. This is being done to eliminate the middleman and higher returns to the actual mat weaver.