Processing Technologies for Ginger and Turmeric

North Eastern Region is endowed with a varied topography and agro-climatic conditions which offer vast potential for agriculture, horticulture and forestry. Out of spices available in North east states, ginger and turmeric are the major contributors. Ginger produced in NER has high oil and oleoresin content, making it one of the best in quality. Similarly turmeric of Meghalaya is popular owing to its high curcumin (colour and flavouring compound) content. Nagaland has second highest productivity of ginger among north east states. Owing to availability of good quality resource material, region is not able to tap its full potential in terms of processing, value addition or trade practices. Technologies need to be developed/ implemented for viable enterprise in the region. NECTAR has taken up a study of ground level mapping of ginger and turmeric and analysis of existing technology and gaps in supply chain, both upstream and downstream.