1. National Highway Authority of India

    NECTAR has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with National Highways Authority of India (NHAI) to provide specific benefits of UAV ultra high resolution aerial images in various stages of National Highway projects viz (i) Periodical monitoring of various stages of highway construction progress indicating length/width of road with high accuracy (ii) Operation and Maintenance & Road Asset Management with Preparation of GIS based road network, Capturing inventories of Right Of Ways(ROW) for Road Information System (RIS) and Monitoring encroachments in ROW etc. (iii) Special tasking for urgent problems resolving or addressing complaints on specific stretches of delayed construction. High Resolution Orthophoto & DEM generated from UAV data & will be very useful for the consultant engineers in most of the activities. The technology can provide significant amount of benefits in respect to save Time & Cost.

    The above MoU enable NECTAR to taking up project specific activities with suitable indent from NHAI time-time on the basis of "project specific price". The location of different projects would be any places /stretches in India. NECTAR will engage its technical resources for flying operation and will collect high resolution images over the highways. The processing of imageries would be done at New Delhi office and suitable deliverables would be submitted to NHAI.

  2. In pursuance of the MOU between NECTAR & NHAI, Remotely Piloted Vehicles were used to show case the utility of the technology for monitoring of road construction & management. UAV flying was taken up on NH-9 over a stretch of 100 KM on Hyderabad-Vijaywada segment. This was done as a pilot project to showcase the utility of high resolution UAV data for various applications relevant to NHAI.
    Image data acquisition was done at 4 cm resolution using two fixed wing micro UAVs flown with 36 MP optical sensors. The processed data is useful for Road Asset Management System (RAMS) and monitoring of ongoing construction activities. Also this data can be used for study of the specific problematic stretches on highways and black spots.
    Sample images are available for visualization on different zoom levels for maximum clarity.

  3. NECTAR has taken up a major water resources planning project in Odisha. The project has been initiated from the Ministry of Water Resources, Government of India after successful demonstration of the UAV technology by the team of NECTAR technical officials. The scope of the project consist of high precision 3D Mapping of approximately 450 sq km area to study the submergence area , number of villages to be inundated and to quantify the approximate volume of water capacity by the reservoir (RL91m) forming due to the proposed construction of Dam over Mahanadi River near Barmul Village in Odisha. The project has a survey component of link canal of about 20 km length from the proposed dam to join Mahanadi-Rushikulya- Godavari link (M-G link) project. NECTAR will carry out UAV flying operation over the area with 100 numbers of High Precision Ground Control Survey through Differential GPS. The project also comprise of about 60 km bathymetry survey across the main channel of Mahanadi River over the complete study area. After successful field work the processing of control data, UAV imageries and bathymetry data would be done at Delhi office through High end software and hardware to produce different high quality deliverables/products. The desired analysis will be conducted in collaboration with Water Resources Engineers. All the components of the task would be done by NECTAR in-house resources and Materials/Machines.
  4. Women for Integrated Sustainable Empowerment (WISE)